Pressure Relief Air Mattress

Pressure Relief Air Mattress

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This pressure relief mattress is for patients who are looking for alternating pressure therapy to use with their existing mattress at home.  This air mattress fits nicely over an existing home mattress and will alternate under the patient as they sleep reducing pressure and stimulating blood flow.  The pressure relief overlay system includes the air mattress and whisper quiet pump. The air pump is completely adjustable allowing the patient to adjust the firmness and softness of the pad. This pressure relief mattress is ideal for hospital out patients, physical therapy, patients experiencing stiffness or back pain when sleeping, pregnant women, elderly patients for bed sore prevention. 


78" Length 36" Width 2.5" Cell Thickness

weight capacity 300 lbs 

Reliable, Durable Pump.
Whisper-Quiet Technology.
Low Vibration Motor.
Easily Attaches to Bed Frame.
Adjustable Pressure Setting.
Delivers Therapeutic Comfort.
Durable, Heavy Gauge Vinyl Pad.
Three Year Warranty on Pump.
90 Day Warranty on Pad.

Note: image show on standard hospital bed frame but can be used on any twin sized, queen or king size bed.  

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