Hospital Air Mattress Pro 3000 8"

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The pro 3000 is used primarily in the home care market. It is a great mattress that has alternating pressure therapy benefits designed for home use. It fits nicely over  a twin size bed or standard medical bed frame. The pump is whisper quiet and user friendly. The patient has the ability to adjust the firmness and softness of the mattress for pain management and comfort. This alternating pressure mattress is perfect for prevention and basic healing. The built in low air loss feature helps to manage heat and moisture keeping the patient skin cool and dry. Comes fully assembled easy to operate. 


The Protect 3000 alternating pressure mattress is superb in healing/prevention and value! This medical mattress combines both low air loss and alternating pressure for pressure relief therapy. 

  • The adjustable pump is designed to heal stages 1-4 bedsores. The whisper quiet pump alternates in 10 min intervals.
  • The mattress itself has 20 individual bladders that alternate underneath the patient to alleviate any pressure points.
  • The static feature button is provided to inflate the mattress to capacity for easier transition off the mattress or sheet changing.
  • This alternating pressure mattress system can be conveniently placed over a standard twin/full size medical bed or standard bed frame.
  •  Ships in 24-48 hours



  • 16 laser air holes to keep patient cool and dry.
  • Non-skid cover prevents mattress from slipping.
  • CPR valve provides rapid deflation of mattress.
  • Removable, water resistant, non-shear, anti-microbial nylon cover is quilted for extra comfort.
  • Dimensions: 35"x 80"x 8"
  • Alternating cell depth: 8".
  • Weight Capacity: 350 lbs.
  • UL approved power cord
  • 18 month warranty.

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