A stage 4 bedsore is a pressure ulcer that has been allowed to progress through stage 1-3 At stage 4, the pressure sore is very deep, reaching into muscle and bone and causing extensive damage. Stage 4 bedsores typically occur around areas of a patient’s body that are boney, with little to no fat tissue protecting the deeper tissues.  Serious complications and infections can occur causing damage to tissues, tendons, joints and bone. Stage 4 bedsores can be life threatening the tissue damage and infection can extend far beyond the view of an open wound. Often times patients are treated under the care of a doctor or wound care specialist.  Stage 4 treatment consist of changing positions, skin debridement, medications and the use of alternating pressure and low air loss therapy hospital air mattresses.

These hospital air mattress systems are designed to treat up to stage 4 bedsores. These hospital air mattresses are the best systems for pressure relief, comfort, and long term care. The "true low air loss systems" the best available on the market for healing and comfort. True low air loss mattresses are most comply used in hospitals for pain management, bed sore healing and long term care prevention.