The Best Medical Air Mattress For Your Buck

Posted by Sarah Customer Care Specialist on

When trying to choose an air mattress for you loved one it is easy to get overwhelmed. There are 3 tips that are key in finding the right mattress for the right price. 

  1. Determine if the person you are buying the hospital air mattress for has a bedsore/pressure ulcer and that stage the sore is. Why is this important? There are different mattresses for different stages. A stage 3-4 sore will require more healing and more advanced technology. Whereas if you are using a hospital air mattress for prevention you may go with a more basic mattress.
  2. Know the specifics of your patient. Is the patient over 250 lbs? If so they may require a Bariatric Hospital Air Mattress. These are mattresses designed to hold and prevent heavier patients from bottoming out.
  3. Know the environment for which the hospital air mattress will be used. Is this a nursing facility or rehab center? There are mattresses such as the Protect6000 Alternating Pressure Mattress that  have a locking feature so settings can not be tampered with. This mattress is also more durable.

If you are looking for a great mattress at great price. My suggestion is the Protect4000 Alternating Pressure Mattress. This is a hospital air mattress that has a powerful pump, comfortable, and supreme in healing. It is a best seller and is very popular amongst caretakers and patients alike.


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